Unbound 200

It was harder than expected. But it was worth it. Unbound was a great experience. From going way too early all-out with Laurens ten Dam and Mattia de Marchi, to walking through thick mud, to riding through one of the most beautiful places for gravel riding.

I gave everything I had, so I’m happy with my 15th place – of course it would have been smarter to not attack after 3hrs of racing, but I’m a racer and sometimes you need to risk something to get the big reward.
In the end this edition was the fastest in history.

Photos: Nils Laengner

New York City Summer Vibes

Between Unbound and BWR North Carolina I visited my best friend Jonas in New York City. It is a really inspiring city but also full of distractions.

Photos: Paul Voß

Hot Road Trip

Photos: Paul Voß

Los Angeles/California