“What can I do? How far can I go? Where are my limits? Who gives up first, my head or my body? Questions I have asked myself many times in my life. Questions that neither the Tour de France nor the Tour of Flanders could answer. Questions that are elementary. Questions that are risky to answer. In numbers it reads quite easily: 16,000m over 750km in 60 hours and 42 minutes. Three days and two nights. But as always, numbers are only half the truth and answers to big questions are never easy. The painful answer lies somewhere out there in the Spanish desert, between heatstrokes and setbacks. Somewhere out there in the middle of nowhere, beyond what was mentally and physically possible for me, I found answers. In Badlands.”

Production: AUT’SAID
Film: Kadir Celik
Drone Shoots: Florian Yeh
Photos: Florian Yeh
Support: Maximilian Weinl